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Mada Translation
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Mada Translation provides a full-range of translation services with a special focus on Legal Translation. You as an international business entity, a local company or business, or an individual can benefit from our services. We go beyond, combining a sensitivity not only to the process of translation, but also to an understanding of the legal profession’s contemporary and historical contexts.


Translation is a very serious business. It involves professionalism, accuracy. Capturing the meaning, intention and the tone requires skill and experience.

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Needless to say that interpretation is vital component for successful events, especially in multilingual or international business environments.

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Website Translation

We live in the age of e-commerce. Internet search and social media are key tools of today’s business strategies. If you are a global business who wants.

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Proofreading & Editing

In a globalized world, excellence in communication is noticed, first and foremost. Spelling, grammar and translation mistakes may harm.

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Legal Translation

For a translated document to have a legal value, it has to be translated, stamped and signed by a legal translator certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

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Voiceover & Subtitling

Do you want to reach more potential customers through audio and video channels? Do you want to use You Tube to increase the awareness of your business?

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Localization is the adaptation of a software, product or service for users who speak other language. Localization is a very important process in marketing.

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Individual Services

As an accredited legal translation provider by the Ministry of Justice in the UAE, Mada Legal Translation provides a wide scope of services that covers.

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Why Mada

Mada Translation is a leading translation company founded with the aim of delivering the highest quality translation services at competitive rates, supported by a team of highly qualified professionals.

The Arabic word mada can be translated as expansion, or going for new horizons; a force which resides at the heart of the act of translation, the journey of communication from one language to another.

From its offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, mada offers top quality translation and interpretation services to its clients in the UAE, the Middle East, and North Africa. Its services cover most of European and Asian languages. With years of professional translation and legal experience, we have developed an outstanding expertise that our clients can fully trust.

Latest News

Professional Services in Dubai

That’s not just a cliché, it’s a fact.
The increasingly global nature of the world and the workforce, wrought in part by the internet, means that people of many different countries are doing business together. They are interacting in new ways every day. That business may include documents that are technical, legal or literary.

It will inevitably include documents which have been written in a language with which we are not familiar. Whether it's translation from English to Arabic, Arabic to French or any other type of translation, making sure that it's correctly accomplished is imperative.

Professional translation services in Dubai are just as important today as a website. They are part of doing business.
Behind many of those doors, another language is being spoken to which we must respond. There are very few businesses today that do not require some type of language translation services. Dubai depends on mada for those translation services and rightly so.

Whether it’s the translation of documents, the certified translation of legal documentation or the introduction of a new product into a different language and culture, it has to be done correctly.

Every business at some point will require the assistance of a translation team to help them to communicate effectively in a global marketplace.
How well does your website and your content say "Welcome to our Business" to the international community? Does it tell those who may not speak English that you're glad to see them and that you have something to offer, or is it telling them that you're not open to an international exchange? If your website is not properly translated and localized for different cultures, you might as well put up a large "closed" sign on your site.

You are effectively telling the world that you have no interest in dealing with any culture that is not English speaking.
Relying on the wrong translation service can cost a great deal.
When documents or marketing campaigns are not correctly translated it can be costly, both in terms of finances as well as in public goodwill. Get it wrong and your product or service is simply unacceptable in a given market.

At mada , our professional team of translation experts in Dubai make it easy for you.

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