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Mada Translation

Mada Translation is a leading translation company founded with the aim of delivering the highest quality translation services at competitive rates, supported by a team of highly qualified professionals. The Arabic word mada can be translated as expansion, or going for new horizons; a force which resides at the heart of the act of translation, the journey of communication from one language to another.

From its offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, mada offers top quality translation and interpretation services to its clients in the UAE, the Middle East, and North Africa. Its services cover most of European and Asian languages. With years of professional translation and legal experience, we have developed an outstanding expertise that our clients can fully trust.

Mada Translation is an accredited legal translation provider by the Ministry of Justice in the UAE, and delivers a wide scope of services that covers all of your legal translation needs. mada is not only a pioneer but also an innovator, providing legal translation services that are not only up-to-date with changing legal frameworks, but generate new ways of understanding old concepts.

We are committed to providing the highest quality translation while achieving maximum client satisfaction, and have come to be associated with service excellence, high quality translations, and outstanding value. At mada Translation, we continually work towards improving our processes to go beyond our clients’ expectations, by meeting their various and changing needs while simultaneously monitoring and developing the performance and skills of our staff.

Hussein AL Kethawi



Our vision is rooted at the heart of the translation act, expanding the reach of any message to new horizons and creating the potential to address and interact across boundaries.


To continue growing, developing and becoming a leader in the provision of translation services and a valuable partner in helping our clients achieve their goals.

At Mada, we seek to explore new horizons, enabling our partners to break into new markets and realize your vision for your business’s growth. We believe in a shared future, crossing barriers of language and geography to interact in a global marketplace with ever-expanding possibilities.

This exchange occurs on multiple levels, from expanding into new markets to facilitating transactions and agreements as well as addressing disagreements. Join us in the exploration of new horizons and maximizing the potential of your business as well as ours!