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Mada Translation provides a full-range of translation services with a special focus on Legal Translation. You as an international business entity, a local company or business, or an individual can benefit from our services. Our team is enduring experience and legal translation expertise enables us to provide legal translation services at the highest international standards.

Mada specializes in legal translation, a field that requires both precision and depth. Legal concepts are often vague and nonspecific, so the word itself must be cross-examined to unearth its core meaning. mada’s translators understand the art of nuance and have strong foundations in both translation as well as the legal profession. You cannot afford to take your chances on a general translation service provider, and risk misinterpretation and confusion at a huge cost to your business.

Whatever it is that you need translated, we have it all covered. We specialize in the following: Special Power of Attorneys, Articles of Association, Annual Financial Reports, Sales & Purchase Agreements, Courts Judgments, Commercial Lease Agreements, Bid of Quotations, Personal Agreements, Loan Agreements, Financial Reports, Legal Notices, Summons, Memorandum of Understanding, Local Service Agent Agreements, Minutes of Meeting, Confidential Agreements, Proposals, Bank Letters, Sales and Marketing Agreements or Statement of Accounts.

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