Value- added services – Why Mada?

We are flexible and supporting!

We are flexible and supporting! We will be happy to offer extra value in our services. Collection and delivery, extra hard copies, color printing, documents back up and archiving, different formatting, design, and layout are among the many added-value services that you can avail.

Customer satisfaction At Mada Translation we provide complete and integrated solutions for all your translation requirements. Be a legal, technical, PR, Marcom, literary or other job, we ensure that all your language needs are fully met. Our experienced team of professional translators and administrators with an in-depth understanding of their fields of specialization will always be available to you through a single account manager.

Commitment we are committed to meet all your business needs and requirements and to go any extra-mile with you towards exceeding your expectations. You know, good is not good when better is expected. And our impressive portfolio of regional and international organizations in private and


we offer our services at highly cost effective rates so that our clients enjoy an improved bottom line. Quality is at the core of everything we do, but we know that cost is also an important issue for many clients.

With Mada Translation, the cost of your project is expressed in a particular rate per word. At the end, the cost covers not only the translation, but also revision, proofreading, quality control, archiving and even hard copy collection and delivery if require.


we understand the value of time in today’s dynamic business environment. Any delay in implementation can result in a lost opportunity. Our streamlined project management approach ensures delivery at time every time with no compromise of quality.

With Mada Translation, you will never need to change your business agenda because of delayed language requirement!


first impression lasts long and getting your job right first time- and every time, of course- is paramount.

Mada Translation employs the best translators and communication experts for best results. Our proven quality control process that highly accentuates clients’ involvement and feedback ensures outstanding project management process for all your language projects.


Our team is dedicated to serving our clients in the best possible manner. We have a partnership approach towards our clients rather than simply selling our solutions.

A new revision, proofreading, correction or adaptation of the text can always be requested. Please bear in mind that translation is a joint task by Mada Translation and you.

To have the high quality final product you deserve and desire, your support is also important. Contact us any time to discuss your objectives and expectations. Mada Translation will always be passionate in helping you achieving them.


Our professional touch and attention to details sets us apart from others, We customize our services to match your requirements, take the time to listen and learn from you first.

Only after that, we work to meet your needs with our resources, drawing from a team of translators with a diverse array of backgrounds, all complementing each other in knowledge and expertise.

To top it all off, we provide end-to-end services in order to provide you with comprehensive services that leave no detail unaddressed. See our translation project management process.


We make use of the latest tools available to offer our clients the most precise translation services, Mada Translation invests in the newest technologies to deliver the best results and easily adapt to your own systems for a seamless services.

We have grown substantially and sustainably, keeping pace with rapidly changing technology and turning challenges into new opportunities. For this end we resource professionals specializing in information management, online marketing and design.